The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★

Yah, total nightmare fuel. This is a masterpiece though. It’s very impressive how this film manages to keep everything interesting, even during the slow parts (ie the beginning). I feel this is because of its utter sense of dread. The film uses its feeling of dread well, and keeps the audience in suspense throughout. The acting is good, with Kurt Russell being a big standout. The concept is great. It’s brilliant mix of body horror and psychological horror is genius. I feel this is better than Alien because of this reason. It’s the perfect combination to make a great horror film. Speaking of body horror, the practical effects are phenomenal. They’re great, and look super, super disgusting. This film is pure brilliance. It’s a must watch for horror film fans and regular film fans alike. If you haven’t watched this masterpiece, watch it now. It’s worth it.

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