Guilherme W. Machado

Guilherme W. Machado

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  • Seventh Code

    Seventh Code


    A closed universe, perfect in its simplicity. K. Kurosawa achieved here in 60 minutes more than many "big shot" directors could in theirs 150/180 minutes films. It reminded me a lot of De Palma - though I usually don't support the comparisons between these two geniuses - in the way it uses narrative as a deceiving device and on how manipulative can the director be.

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming

    I'm quite a fan of comic books (though not that much comparing to those truly dedicated to it), but generally I enjoy them, so I really wanted to like this a lot. The truth is that the Marvel formula is severely worn out - coming from a guy who defends some of their movies - and Homecoming was wrongly announced as a fresh take on the friendly neighborhood when that's exactly what it lacks: freshness. There ain't the minimal amount…