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  • The Invisible Guest

    The Invisible Guest


    Ironic how a film that is all about finding out implausible details in versions of the truth has its basic premise holding on to the most implausible one: that we are all capable of committing murder. We are not, so this is an important weakness in the script, though it is fairly well executed and results in a compelling thriller, specially for those who like plot twists and are not looking for anything more than a distraction.

  • Nomadland



    I feel glad at least Mank didn’t win. Frances McDormand is worth the time here and elevates the whole thing.

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  • Glass



    Divertidíssimo e raro exemplar de “filme de super-herói” capaz de estabelecer conexões  com a realidade ao mesmo tempo em que não está nem aí pra nada. Assistir foi um alívio. Me deixou contente.

  • Certified Copy

    Certified Copy


    Glad this masterpiece seems unanimous on here. I’ve watched it three or four times and it’s one of my favorites. I love literally every scene, but recently that in which Jean-Claude Carriere gives marriage advice (“I think all she wants from you is that you walk beside her and lay your hand on her shoulder”) has been living in my head.