Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday ★★★★½

i think it’s easy to glamorize our childhoods. that’s mainly because our problems never really lasted longer than a day. it felt like some sort of never ending sitcom will everything would just magically disappear. there would always be new adventures the next day. but then i grew older. 

things started to get more complicated. the problems of why i didn’t get to have another slice of cake or why i could’t but a doll in the store were replaced by something bigger. 

when i think of those moments i feel a wave of nostalgia but also regret and cringe at my actions. just like the main character, Taeko, as you grow older you get to reflect on the good.. and the bad days. you can look at all the things you did wrong, and see what you could've done better and apply it to your older life. there’s so much to learn from our past selves. remembering childhood like it was only yesterday can open doors to figure out ourselves — but we shouldn’t let it dominate our present.

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