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  • American Nightmare

    American Nightmare


    Been watching a lot of Canuxploitation lately, and this gialli-inspired sleaze-feast hit the spot and went down like a cold sixer of Elsinore, a smoked meat sandwich and Poutine!

  • Run



    See, this is what can happen when you get cocky enough to play in back room poker games while just passing through! R.I.P. the beautiful, talented Kelly Preston.

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  • White Palace

    White Palace


    I love this film. It’s a beautiful portrayal of two grief stricken souls finding one another despite the fact that they’re from completely different worlds and social backgrounds. Spader has always been and will always be one of my favorite actors, and this is a different kind of role for him, too, so it was so nice to see him in this grounded (though highly erotic) love drama. Sarandon, well, I fell in love with her and her character by…

  • Scream for Help

    Scream for Help


    Like a super sleazy Nancy Drew feaver dream, this one delivers in Spades!!!