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  • Pariyerum Perumal

    Pariyerum Perumal

    “I have to die so many times before I can say what I feel.”

  • Finally Got the News

    Finally Got the News


    “We see that this whole society, man, exists and rests upon workers, and this whole motherfucking society controlled by this ruling clique, it’s parasitic, it’s vulturistic, it’s cannibalistic, and it’s sucking and destroying the life of motherfucking workers and we have to stop it because it’s evil.”

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  • La Ciénaga

    La Ciénaga

    the abstractions and near surrealism of the first scene allow every cut to open up a new world, and even moments contained within the same physical space/scene feel like fragmented, isolated events. It's an underwater cinema.

  • Graduation


    when will the tripod prohibition end in europe?? we need to start a relief fund for those poor camera operators. 😭😭😭