Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★½

I honestly cannot believe that someone who has written and directed 3 of these movies has such a god damn problem with paying attention to continuity and the character at the heart of it. It's actually unbelievable how disappointing this was. I thought it would take the route of Extinction with it being the last one and go for the more grounded route and flesh out the characters for the last time. But nah. Yet again we have Alice suddenly being in a completely different situation than what the last movie left us in with villains changing roles without explaination, everything just going tits up and having the generic group of unknowns go on a mission filled with predictive behaviour and frustration for viewers like me that just want something solid to hold onto.

Claire's in this one. That's about the only positive. Even that doesn't matter though because the way she's written into it you'd think she's never been introduced before never mind been in 2 of the other movies. There's zero relationship or development between her and Alice, zero anything. How difficult is it to pay attention to characters? There's no journey here. No closure, so satisfaction. Just the waiting and hoping that something actually important is going to happen. There's seriously not a single line of dialogue that's resembles any sort of realism.

I mean for fuck sake! I have no idea what anyone's motivations are anymore, or why anything is happening because Anderson refuses to follow a single narrative so he just creates a whole new one from scratch every time and hopes that'll do. It won't. Speaking of plot holes, where the fuck is Alice's daughter that we spent a whole movie learning the importance of? Where's Valentine that we spent a whole movie getting back? Where's the cool blonde chick with the sunglasses from Extinction and why has she been replaced with a hollow shell who only shows character twice in the movie by saying "maybe don't die?" to Alice?

The action is something I usually enjoy in these regardless of everything else. The one before this chapter had a great final battle that almost saved it. The action in this is shot and edited by what I assume was a group of 12 year olds mid-seizure. Utter shite.

This is beyond annoying. There's really no excuse for this amount of laziness. Pretty lady from Heroes deserved better, Alice deserved better. Hell, I deserved better. Fuck this.

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