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  • No Regrets for Our Youth

    No Regrets for Our Youth


    Starting from 1:15:35, Yukie comes to Noge's village, and the movie is suddenly hypnotically beautiful. It becomes extremely powerful from that point on, so very good that all the dull moments preceeding that, are immediately forgotten. Or to put it better, the preceeding shallow form of a love story within a political context, is transformed from that point on. Then, it suddenly transforms into the story of a woman searching for her own identity and self respect. Or perhaps, it is at this pont that we finally understand what the movie is really about.

  • A Story of Floating Weeds

    A Story of Floating Weeds


    Ozu's original silent version of Floating Weeds has some of the best dialogue I have witnessed in silent cinema, perhaps together with Dreyer's "Michael". So, it is not surprising that he later remakes this movie in sound. What is surprising though, he kills off some of the strongest dialogue in the remake (which makes this original movie so good), inline with his later softer natural tones of storytelling. An example is the fishing scene, where father accidentally drops and looses…