Tenet ★★★★

this movie just grows on you!! i enjoyed it much more this time around (when i had no thoughts of comparing it to Dunkirk in my head - except for aspects of the pacing/tension and like... poster color scheme) 

funniest parts are:
- them being like “all people living now and also in the past will be erased” and elizabeth debicki is like “including my son”

- the cool car flipping around thing from the trailer turning out to just be JDW like fucking up cuz he doesn’t know how to function in reverse 

- all instances of backwards sliding on the floor

-kenneth branagh

parts that bum me out:
- the final set piece is just like brown nothing land covered with a bunch of people just wearing lame army clothes 

- i wish there was a flashback of all the good times they had/are gonna have just cuz i wanna see em cuddling and being bros

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