Tenet ★★½

it was about 6 hours round trip to see this movie in a drive-in theater since some idiot said the movie can only play in drive-in theaters in areas where it’s also open in normal theaters because of spoilers??!? (i think i heard i have someone named chris to thank)

i’m tired from the drive and tired from the constant exposition. this movie was basically only exposition, actually. i kinda hesitate to call the people in this movie “characters”. the actors tried but wow it was like watching someone doing a report on a topic they were uninterested in every time someone spoke. the concept isn’t all that confusing? but people explaining it over and over makes it confusing.

the action was fun, and the “characters” were so nothing to the point that it was amusing. the “woman character’s” only real thing is that she has a Son and you can’t possibly understand the feelings of being a Mother. and when someone talks about the world ending she’s like “my son too??” which was hilarious. oh and the main character says “i’m the protagonist” multiple times. 

kenneth branagh was amazingly silly as we can only hope and dream about so thank u

um i had a good time though for the most part. i’m just sad that dunkirk was SOOO amazing and then here’s tenet. oh well

also someone slides backwards under something really quickly and i laughed so hard i absolutely loved it. the action really is a lot of fun

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