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This review may contain spoilers.

another film i probably need to rewatch in order to get the full experience, largely because i've been zonked on some kind of head problem. which isn't to say that i didn't love it!! it is obviously a very well-constructed film; the way the set is made works w/ all the possible moods of the film, the coloration makes me think of an attempt to do expressionism in Technicolor. (also the phallic imagery does wonders for the feel of the film)

the thing i most love about it is the sense that we're watching a few idiots who don't know at all what they're doing accidentally stumbling onto something real. constantly acknowledging that it is, in fact, a movie; one of my favourite moments is that right before the dog dies, we see a young man in Miss Lonelyhearts' apartment, fighting with her and being kicked out. so when Jeff concludes that the dog must've been killed by Thorwald, there's immediately a strong sense of doubt: how could he have overlooked another likely suspect, a violent young man taking out his anger? (admittedly i might've missed something here, being zonked.)

also the camera flash battle is one of the coolest things i've seen

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