Husbands ★★★★½

i began this movie with terrible heartburn, and ended it w/ terrible gastrointestinal problems. in this way, i find i can understand the main characters a bit. none of them are particularly good guys, although as my bf pointed out, Cassavetes can't bring himself to hate them, which is probably for the best, as in the end he allows them to demonstrate themselves how awful they are. all of his movies are extremely human; this one probes more into the terrible and pathetic sides of human nature, specifically the situation of relatively dominant men within patriarchy. he doesn't foreclose the possibility of a better, more genuine human relation for these men, between each other and with women, but he's not terribly optimistic about it either. this movie's subtitle shld be "The Mythology of the Male Proletariat"

ADDENDUM: i feel obliged to note that they're not the worst guys around, and that Cassavetes does a great job of portraying their emotions and pinpoints their failure to integrate them and relate them to the people around them as their fundamental issue. but that's besides the point i was gonna make here. my real point is that Dolores Delmar is so fucking cool in this. fuckin queen

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