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  • Miller's Crossing


  • The Gilded Lily


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  • The Millionaires' Express


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  • The Secret Ways

    The Secret Ways


    Peculiar. This Cold War story, adapted from an Alastair MacLean novel, finds Phil Karlson, as reliable and tough a director of two-fisted narrative as ever lived, almost utterly at sea, along with star Richard Widmark. It's partially the story — too many plot turns hinge on people just changing their mind about whether they're going to do something or not — but also Widmark's character, a singularly inept soldier of fortune. WIdmark looks singularly uncomfortable when he's compelled to enact a kind of Holly-Martens-Behind-The-Iron-Curtain impresonation. Blah.

  • The Mind of Mr. Soames

    The Mind of Mr. Soames


    Second half of today's Nigel Davenport double feature.

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  • Hustlers



    A flat script, poorly directed. Every frame is all about whatever's in focus, in foreground; there's no background action, no production design; it's like they shot in a series of vacant lots. Jennifer Lopez's Terry Molloy impersonation is kind of funny, but anyone seeing Constance Wu for the first time in this movie might well wonder how she became a working professional actor. Julia Stiles shines as "Concerned Woman." The fact that this is getting so much praise indicates we…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake

    When a filmmaker spends whatever amount he spent making a film that protests "I'm not this guy" for two and a half hours, not only is he absolutely that guy, he's probably worse. And the regurgitated Pynchon hash doesn't help.