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  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Not the random return of Josh Hartnett, nor a welcome cameo from Post Malone, could liven up this joyless slab of tough guy cinema from Guy Ritchie.

    Good for a few bits of tough guy shit talk, and one okay-ish shoot ‘em up sequence early on, but that’s about all the praise I can muster for Wrath of Man, which quickly devolves into a bloated movie with multiple time jumps, chapter headings (can we stop with the chapter headings already?!), and…

  • Black Rain

    Black Rain

    Ok, is it just me, or does T2 borrow elements from this? 

    Besides the whole sequence in the smelting plant… with the sparks and platforms and molten steel, we’ve got Hans Zimmer’s score with those steely music stings during the motorcycle chase at the end that sound EXACTLY like the music stings in T2 when Arnie first rescues John Connor on his Harley from the T1000 in the semi.

    Black Rain did it first. James Cameron has some ‘splaining to do.

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  • Possessor


    I think I wanted to love this way too hard and perhaps overhyped it in my head as some new genre classic before I’d rented the movie, which isn’t fair to Possessor. No film could come close to that gonzo trailer and the possibilities of what if.

    As it stands, Possessor is a simply just “a pretty good film.” But its style, aesthetics, and (I’m sorry for this) WORLD BUILDING (gag) are singularly gorgeous and innovative in a way few…

  • Society


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Wait, before I start this review, I have so many questions about that one girl’s oafish mom...

    1. WHAT WAS HER DEAL? Was she a drugged out hair fetishist? 
    2. It’s clear she’s way into hair and the Society species isn’t, so... is she some other organism in a skin suit, or is she just a freak?
    3. So I guess after our heroes barely escape the party, they what... just leave that mom there??

    The questions don’t stop there.…