Tenet ★★★

Christopher Nolan, in my opinion, wants his movies to be rewatched to be completely understood and appreciated. that being said, this isn't his best movie. one of the big storylines feels lifeless and half-baked to me. but the movie isn't completely a bust. John David Washington has so much charisma and his chemistry with Robert Pattinson felt like flirting at times. I enjoyed this and look forward to the day i can argue with a boy at a bar about this movie.

if you put too much emphasis into the science or explanations you're going to be disappointed and confused. you'll get confused if you rely solely on the dialogue explanations. pay attention to what they're doing and it will make so much more sense.

*saw in theatre at 20% capacity. wore mask when i wasn't eating or drinking. that being said i did see a grown-ass man pick his mask off the ground and put it on his face after. be safe*

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