Dead Mountaineer's Hotel ★★★

Intermittently entertaining kitsch. It’s from a novel by the Strugatsky’s (who wrote the pulp sci-fi vaguely adapted into Stalker) and Dr. Snaut from Solaris shows up—but, it’s abysmally shot 80 minutes are exclusively composed of twists, gasps, and reveals, it’s Tarkovsky by way of Masterpiece Mystery. 

Did you guys like my serious review 😂

My actual review is here: this movie is dumb and I watched it in like 4 different 20 minute chunks while eating 4 different meals (lunch yesteray, dinner yesterday, late night snack and lunch breakfast just now) I watched this movie cause of the cover and letterbox but I’d say skip it and watch something better unless you really like bad movies or campy sci fi then watch it I guess 😃

See you all at senior launch!!!!