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  • Malignant


  • Private School


  • Friday the 13th


  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday


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  • Malignant



    33 % old school, Dead Silence-era James Wan, dripping in his patented atmospherics that I love so much: fog, neon, overhead shots, and the only director working today that can efficiently and effectively pull off jump scares.

    33 % 90s Darkman / Army of Darkness-era Sam Raimi splat-stick pyrotechnic stunt show silliness, Dutch angles and zooms and dreary, noir-y set pieces that I had forgotten how much I loved and realized has been missing in my life for far too…

  • Private School

    Private School


    The next time I hear some dude get all goopy and wistful about Phoebe Cates poppin' her top off in Fast Times, I'm just gonna slap em across the kisser and say:

    "Betsy god...daayyyuumm Russell... Private School!" and walk away.

    The end.


    Bonus points for Kathleen Wilhoite, Martin Mull, Frances Bay and Rick Springfield on the soundtrack during the completey gratuitous girl's gym sequence with choreo from Paula Abdul.

    Shit-stupid 80s teen titty & boner comedies, man...

    Sorry/not sorry. I fuckin' love em.

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  • Candyman



    Spoiler free as possible:

    -Loved the continuation from Bernard Rose's original;

    -The new mythos that every generation has a candyman of their own is clever, sharp but slightly underused

    - The "rushed" ending, I didn't have a problem with. But the patronizing nature of the final act: to sit down with you and look you in the eye and explain the racial injustices of the plot...

    Kind of deflated the momentum.

    Still, Tony Todd...

    Great Kubrick-ian murder set pieces, and…

  • Taste the Blood of Dracula

    Taste the Blood of Dracula


    (I Never Had) The Bloody Hammer #16:

    Lee returns after being summoned via black magick rituals (and some neat re-hydrated Alka Seltzer-looking blood effects) by a quartet of hedonistic assholey aristocrats. When the blood drinking ceremony goes wrong (as it usually does), the resurrected Count goes on a vengeance tear hunting down the three remaining elder jerkwads by turning their daughters into gleefully evil be-fanged acolytes.

    While upping the quotient on blood, nudity, sex and violence from the previous installments,…