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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat

    I’ve seen fan films better than this. Absolute trash without a redeeming quality. Lacks an understanding of basic film language. I feel sorry for all the martial artists whose talents were wasted on this. Just goes to show how great a director Paul WS Anderson and how terrible the hacks that pass for directors in Hollywood these days are.

  • Q: Into the Storm

    Q: Into the Storm


    Doesn't really do a good job of explaining why people fall into the QAnon conspiracy and is way too long for the small amount of insight it provides.

    - Plus one star for Will Sommer's inclusion.
    - Plus one star for QAnon Anonymous' inclusion.
    - Plus one star for making a credible case as to the real identity of "Q".
    - Minus one star for featuring the dumbest teacher I had in college, Joseph Uscinski, as a talking head.

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