Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Won't You Be My Neighbor? ★★½

The movie really glides over the part where someone says that Mister Rogers was "a lifelong Republican." Why was he a Republican? For social reasons? For economic? Did he vote for Nixon? Did he regret it? How did he feel about Reagan? Was his feeling that every single child is definitely special but if you're poor that specialness doesn't give you a right to a decent quality of life? I'm only partially trying to lead with all these questions, because I honestly don't know. His demonstrated values on the show of love, compassion, listening, understanding, acceptance of people in spite of all differences, would seem very much at odds with Richard Nixon's campaign to entice Southern racists back into the Republican fold and both his and Reagan's economic attacks on the under-privileged by removing social safety nets. I mean, Mr. Rogers worked for PBS! And there's a part in this movie where he goes in front of the Senate to defend its right to existence. So what was it about the Republican party that appealed to Fred Rogers so much that he stuck with it through all this? I am baffled!!

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