Nobody ★★

It pains me to say it given my love of Bob Odenkirk but Nobody is a pretty nothing movie. That’s not to say it’s bad (though the fact the main plot-line is so disconnected from the initial set-up does get pretty close). But aside from the frenetic Edgar Wright-esque editing of the opening, there’s little I’m going to remember after finishing it. 

The early action sequences are well done and the performances are fine but, even despite the truncated runtime, it felt like this movie just kept dragging on. And then when it finally did get interesting, it came to a pretty unsatisfying close. Ironically, I’d actually be kind of curious to see the sequel to this. Having Hutch team up with his brother and father while allowing his wife to play a much larger role would surely be a fun time. But, that being said, I still don’t think I’d recommend this movie. It’s not bad but... you’re not missing anything by skipping out on it. 

2 Stars

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