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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
  • Toy Story
  • Baby Driver
  • Easy Rider

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  • Easy Rider

    Easy Rider


    absolutelyΒ speechless.
    i just witnessed awesome sauce in its most uncut,
    raw, & grooviest form.

    dennis hopper is the staple of counterculture.
    both his direction & acting are iconic in this.
    peter fonda is bonafide cool.
    & jack nicholson stole the fck’n show.

    all i can say is β€” wow.
    stoked that I bought the criterion blu-ray
    hella rad

  • Old



    first & foremost, the highlight:
    the bit about β€˜Jack Nicholson & Marlon Brando being in a film together’ β€” a stroke of absolute fckin’ genius.

    saw this with some homies at the theatre.
    definitely surprised with my level of enjoyment.
    offbeat in such a way that i ate up entirely.
    i felt like parts were meant to feel comedic
    without being flat out funny. i dig that shit.

    M Night is having hella fun with the absurd premise,
    while still maintaining a…

Popular reviews

  • Pig



    i fcking love Nic Cage,
    & thisΒ is exactly fcking why.
    might be my favorite performance by him,
    levels of focus, intensity, & heart are godly.

    did not expect this to be as methodically beautiful as it was,
    truly special. well balanced with small elements of absurd fun, although the powerhouse of emotional depth is truly a work of enchantment. oh yeah, & the sound design was astounding.
    felt like i was immersed in a natural habitat.

    simultaneously loved this,
    while it broke down my lil piggy heart
    had my buddy & i in mild tears in the cinema

  • Star Trek

    Star Trek


    my buddy is more of Trek-ian than I am
    but convinced me for the rewatch.
    gotta say, I’m hella happy
    so much fun, dammit!

    JJ Abrams is wonderful with the direction & tone.
    +Β the cast, holy crap.
    loaded like a fck’n double barreled shotgun.
    stuffed full of greats.

    my favorites:
    -Leonard Nimoy
    -Simon Pegg (my boy alwaysΒ hits)
    -Zachary Quinto
    -Anton Yelchin

    love long & prosper film buddies