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  • Kings of the Road

    Kings of the Road


    Wim Wenders’ lackadaisical road trip movie really has to be seen on a big screen to truly relish Robby Muller’s incredible cinematography, full of crisp black and white imagery. Disheveled Bruno Winter (Rudiger Vogler) drives his truck from movie theater to movie theater along the East-West German border to repair equipment and takes on despondent Robert Lander (Hanns Zischler) as a travel companion after he drives his Volkswagen into a lake in an incompetent suicide attempt. Filled with breathtaking landscape…

  • Aimee & Jaguar

    Aimee & Jaguar


    This true story of a Nazi housewife who falls in love with a Jewish woman working for the underground in 1943 Germany is told in such a stilted Tradition of Quality/Masterpiece Theater-style that it only achieves occasional liveliness through the performances of the actresses.

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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    I'm not sure why "Lady Bird" is getting so much acclaim from critics except that Greta Gerwig is an indie film darling. It's got all the clichés of the coming of age film except they're presented with quirkiness clearly derived from Noah Baumbach and Whit Stillman; only the film is trying too hard to look like it's not trying too hard. We get mother-daughter dysfunction, boyfriend problems, the yearning to get out of a bland city, the protagonist leaving the…

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Black Panther is notable for being by far the biggest budgeted black superhero film ($200 million) up to this point in time and the first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its 18th film. It is thematically interesting, looking at the tug between moral duties to one's own country when it clashes with moral obligations to the rest of the world. The issues are topical, weighing isolationism against helping other countries, and the movie expectedly comes out on the anti-Trumpian side.…