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  • W.



    “There is no exit.”
    surprisingly hilarious, but also so dark/scary when need be
    Bush’s speech on Saddam while “What A Wonderful World” plays...
    that fucking dream sequence
    the evil that surrounds Bush, the influence of power they have on him is so compelling and well captured here
    the portrayal of Bush is pretty insane; he is human, but who he becomes is heavily dependent on Poppy, alcohol, oil men, the war overseas (that he inherits), etc. 
    wild in comparison to Nixon, definitely still a (somewhat, maybe even less so) sympathetic portrayal though
    fucking deranged ending
    “You never ask questions when God is on your side”

  • Nixon



    “Never be too proud to go on your knees before God.” 
    Nixons speeches of peace intercut with the atrocities committed during the time
    opening the can of worms, the whole “Bay of Pigs” incident, and Nixons downfall
    “What moves us? Is it God...or is it Death?”

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  • Vertigo



    “I made it.”
    only gets more out there as it continues 
    Stewart is so insane, he’s incredibly grounded and full of depth in his performance 
    fucking DERANGED ENDING 
    cannot believe it took me this long to see

  • JFK



    “Do not forget your dying king.”

    radical and so ethereal
    insanely edited and filmed
    one of the most insane large budget American films of all time no doubt
    will forever be insane to me how Stone has not been suicided lmao

    “For the first time, I feel really scared.”