Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★


I'm shocked about how good this movie is. Why I haven't watched this until now? The script was very well written and achieved to keep me
on interest for every single minute of the movie. By the way, I liked the most the second hour, but the first hour was good too.
Steven Spielberg gave his best and achieved great in the direction. Well done Mr. Steven! Also, the movie was optically beautiful, because of the brilliant cinematography.
I am trying to think the reaction of the audience when this movie came out to the cinemas back to 1981. Just out of mind for 80s and I will say the same if this movie get out in our era. All time classic!
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, is one of the emblematic roles of all time in my opinion. In this movie, I liked also the character of Marrion. There was great chemistry between her and Indi.
Finally, the main theme of the Indiana Jones Franchise is one of the most well known themes of all time and i'm a big fan of its composer, John Williams.

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