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This review may contain spoilers.

This is an 8 outta 10. However, it's kinda hard to judge it solely as a stand-alone movie because it felt so connected to all the others. I’d really be curious to hear from someone who saw this and hadn’t seen a bunch of the other MCU films. I’ve seen all the Marvel films, so I really felt like this was made for me. Anyway, going into this movie, I thought it was basically going to be similar to “...Infinity War”. The remaining heroes would be in a series of fights with Thanos leading up to a jumbo battle at the end. Well, fortunately, I was wrong. “...Endgame” starts out and it seemed like they lopped off Mr. Purple’s noggin in the first 30 minutes. I knew it was a 3-hour movie so in my head I was thinkin’, “What the hell are they gonna do now for the next two and a half hours?” Surprisingly, they did something really brave. Instead of having all those fights I was expecting, they hunkered down and focused on the characters. The first two hours was just a bunch of talking and finding out what was going on with everyone. Any yet, this was a smart idea because by the time we do get to the jumbo battle at the end we actually cared about the people on screen. And while they had the pre-climax battle stuff, they made some interesting choices. They had Thor as an overweight alcoholic. They had Hulk in a permanent state of muscular greenness while wearing glasses and talkin’ like a Harvard professor. In lesser hands, these decisions could have been a disaster but somehow, they managed to pull it off. All in all, this was a good time at the movies and I’m excited to see where things go from here.