Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within

I ... couldn’t finish this.

Got 45 minutes in to what I expected to be a horror comedy and hadn’t laughed once, and there wasn’t a lick of horror. Life’s too short. 

I should’ve known better when this was announced as a Tribeca premiere; I have yet to see a memorable genre movie, or any movie, really, at this festival in my 7 years of attending. The entire festival is just a flood of 3-Star-Or-Less movies, half of which will never be seen again, and the other half will debut six months later with little-to-no awareness on whichever streaming service overpays for it. 

I enjoyed SCARE ME enough and love Sam Richardson so was really pulling for this one but it just wasn’t for me. Horror comedies are generally not my bag and this one was particularly grating and unfunny. 

edit: wait, I did laugh once, when the fucking Ubisoft logo came up at the beginning. what the hell, this is a video game movie?!

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