Daisies ★★★★★

If you haven't seen Daisies, you should drop everything and sort that out. If you have, you know exactly why I treasure it; a pointed howl of freedom in the disguise of an extended tantrum by two women who decide that the world is so "spoiled" it no longer makes sense to obey any sensible behavioural standards whatsoever. A truly Dadaist comedy, and the most angrily political film ever to contain no overtly political content whatsoever. Věra Chytilová directs in a ceaseless blur of invention, making room for split-second montages, colour filters, inexplicable cutaways, peculiar sound effects, stock footage, dance numbers, silent comedy interludes, strip-teases, physical violence done to the celluloid, unannounced trumpet recitals and a sort of telescopic fork used for eating eggs and sausages at a distance after someone has cut them up with scissors.

What it also is, and this is something I had not anticipated, is a sure-fire entrancer of babies. Watching with a friend who's just had his first child, I was pleased to see the psychedelic speeded-up train journeys and long Charleston sequence was just the tonic to calm a grumpy baby. I'm not a doctor, but I am entirely confident that early exposure to the work of Věra Chytilová will accelerate your child's development until they are literally Superman.

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