Moxie ★★★★

no one asked but i think the hypercritical film community expected too much of a movie that is based on a YA novel and co-written by the same woman who wrote after :/

i agree with some of the people criticizing the white saviour themes. it’s not a perfect movie by any means. but for netflix, it’s a step forward. and it’s so goddamn fun!!!! 

there were a lot of choices that made the original narrative more interesting. the choice of a woman principal (instead of male) helping visualize that women contribute to the patriarchy too. casting an afro-latinx actor for what was originally a latinx-coded role (lucy) was really cool as well. no, it didn’t flesh out every single character and it did miss some marks trying be intersectionally inclusive. i agree we totally need to tell more articulate Black and LGBTQ+ stories in mainstream media. but this was a movie that brought together a diverse group of young actors and allowed them to feel safe, feel supported and have fun on set. and it showed!!!!

i guess this isn’t the movie you should watch if you want to really unpack intersectionality. but i think about my 11-year-old cousin who got bullied at school for being a democrat and saying ACAB at her classmates (so proud of her...and also ready to kick some tween ass). i thought of her when i watched this. some of us get so caught up in our liberal/leftist bubbles and are so prone to affirmation bias. sometimes social justice and activism needs to be digestible. i thought moxie did that really well!

i think the criticisms are valid, i just don’t want this movie to drown in negative reviews. (i am also very quick to defend amy poehler so maybe that’s something i need to check myself for. but she did so well.) anyway, if you felt in the wrong for loving this i’m here to say i loved it too ⭐️❤️⭐️❤️

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