BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

Possibly the most kickass movie of 2018.

The way this all comes together in the third act is one of the most simultaneously gratifying and distressing climaxes in any film I’ve seen. Spike Lee proves his blockbusting clout with a bona-fide mainstream cop smash that I was more than happy to watch unfold again. Angry, forceful, and gripping thanks to stellar performances across the board and some of Lee’s most muscular directing yet. The movie is more of a sprawl this time around, as I’m reminded of the lengths of time spent dancing in the bar and shouting out 70’s pop culture, but when the film needs to focus, it does so with laser-vision, ratcheting up the stakes as the Klan turns from buffoonish to monstrous. 

Spike Lee made another classic, everyone.