Lethal Panther ★★★★★

A truly surprising gem from Godfrey Ho.

Imagine JOHN WOO directing an ANDY SIDARIS movie!

Lethal Panther is a stunning mix of undeniably good (action, mayhem, photography, style) and ridiculously bad (everything else).

Would make a great double-feature with Robotrix and weed.

Highly recommended.

(Seek out and watch the hi-def, dubbed version, not the low-quality youtube uploads.)


Side Note:

I watched two Cat. III Hong Kong movies today, each of which coincidentally steals music from American horror films.

Tsui Hark's Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind opens with the Goblin soundtrack from Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Lethal Panther more oddly uses Carpenter's Halloween theme song for a scene with a couple strolling along the beach.

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