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  • Camp de Thiaroye

    Camp de Thiaroye


    Sembène dramatises the French colonial atrocity of the 1944 Thiaroye massacre (involving the killing of West African infantrymen just returned from Europe where they fought to liberate France and spent years as POWs in concentration camps) as a devastating corrective to the ahistorical exceptionalism with which Nazism is still regarded in the West. In contrast to hegemonic representations of the evil of Nazism as an aberration with no historical precedent, the decolonial dialectics of Sembène’s film resonate with the conclusions…

  • Sambizanga



    A masterpiece of combat cinema. Rest in Power, Sarah Maldoror.

    "Here there is, at the level of literary creation, the taking up and clarification of themes which are typically nationalist. This may be properly called a literature of combat, in the sense that it calls on the whole people to fight for their existence as a nation. It is a literature of combat, because it molds the national consciousness, giving it form and contours and flinging open before it new…

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  • The House on Trubnaya

    The House on Trubnaya


    As with other Barnet I've seen, the montage is as generous in its charm as it is dynamic. An earnest, life-loving cinema to return to.

    "Wait, we forgot to tell you how the duck ended up in Moscow"
    "Are you in a union?"
    "No, I'm a virgin"

  • Artemis' Knee

    Artemis' Knee


    “Have you ever known a person who was many things in one, who carried them with her so that her every gesture, every thought you form of her contains an infinity of things of your earth and sky, and contains words, memories, days gone by you’ll never know, future days, certainties, and another earth and another sky which is not yours to possess?”

    “Still is my heart and awaits it’s hour. The dear earth blooms in spring and grows anew.…