Gabrielle Em

Gabrielle Em

patron saint of the long-winded

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  • Soft Fiction
  • The Wild Dog Dingo
  • Georgia
  • Sidewalk Stories

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  • Kissed


  • Flight of the Swan

  • Practical Magic

  • Bath


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  • Kissed



    One I meant to get around to ages ago but, for whatever reason, put on today only as background noise. Barely any time elapsed before I was stopped dead in my tracks by hands tousling hair in a sea of light.
    When a thing turns into its opposite, when love becomes hate, there are always sparks. But when life turns into death, it’s explosive…Everyone senses something…but I see it. I’ve seen bodies shining like stars.” 

    I am insane now.

  • Practical Magic

    Practical Magic

    Beautiful strands of cotton candy held together by a barrage of too on the nose needle drops from a music supervisor after my mother’s own heart:
    - Marching into town to leap into a stranger’s arms in daisy dukes + cowboy boots to Faith Hill
    - Poolside existentialism to Marvin Gaye
    - Been too long since I saw my sister morose CGI sunset to Joni Mitchell 
    - Evil abusive boyfriend to Elvis 
    - Enchanted midnight margaritas to Harry Nilsson 

Popular reviews

  • Malina


    The eternal frenzy. 
    Much more fond of post-modern adaptations with exploration of language as the foundation. With that said, as an adaption, it takes an already spasmodic text and strips it. Not necessarily a negative when dealing w the aporetic nature of language...or the self, but I found the specificity of the source material to be its strength. 

    I’m not sure about the new edition but in the one I have, among the first pages is a map of Vienna that…

  • Prince of Darkness

    Prince of Darkness

    Another first seen ‘99 but this was...uh definitely an accident and watched alone. I thought I’d dreamt it. Images were less distinct but shrouded in such an impenetrably romantic haze that it‘s been impossible to live up to on rewatches. Funny, some very grotesque imagery lay beautifully crystallized in the back of my mind. Like an 80s music video of transcendental decay. Still very special.