Gabriel Machado

Gabriel Machado

These are the kind of thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools.

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  • Blues in the Night

    Blues in the Night


    "Our policy is continuous entertainment."

    Similar to Litvak's previous year City for Conquest in that its genre-bending impulses (melodrama/gangster movie, musical comedy/film noir) don't always mesh all that gracefully, but both of these movies' strongest suit is in the wonderful rapport and camaraderie between the characters, not to mention a frenzied Elia Kazan in his two sole acting jobs. Keep an eye out for the Don Siegel montages.

  • Maridinho de Luxo

    Maridinho de Luxo


    Entre a chanchada e o screwball americano. Tem várias possibilidades cômicas não exploradas, mas se mantém constantemente engraçado e farsesco.

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  • The Negro Soldier

    The Negro Soldier


    "The treatment accorded to the Negro during the Second World War marks, for me, a turning point in the Negro's relation to America. To put it briefly, and somewhat too simply, a certain hope died, a certain respect for white Americans faded. One began to pity them, or to hate them. You must put yourself in the skin of a man who is wearing the uniform of his country, is a candidate for death in its defense, and who is…

  • Go Ahead, Brazil!

    Go Ahead, Brazil!


    "Hoje, uma página virada na história de um país que não pode perder a perspectiva do futuro."

    Gol da Tchecoslováquia.