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  • The Flying Luna Clipper

    The Flying Luna Clipper


    What is reality? If you want a clear answer then don't let this glide you astray. Possibility is just a word, a phrase that could unleash what 'The flying Luna Clipper' dares to dream. The first phrase that comes to mind is "I wish I had acid right now" as if the fever dream needed accentuating. It's a snowman that doesn't dare melt while Rick Astley dabs on summer, overshadowing the moon with a kung-fu chop to the 'guilt' in…

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    The immense power of Gucci Mane acting outside a microphone could only be unleashed by a glue-addicted director far too crazy for rehab. What we have seen here is the 2010s personified: a new direction on old themes, jacked up on coke, skrillex, and the afterglow of faded dreams. "You can't be scared of shit", and yet, you can: fear Korinne's artistic ability, or at least remain in awe. The gloss of spring break is constantly deferred, the buzz in…

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    What else is there to be said about this? 2001 was simply the best year ever. Fairly Oddparents debuted on Nick Jr., Halo: Combat evolved thundered into the households of unloved children everywhere, and Ron Howard's opus 'Backdraft' hit age ten with the explosive impact of two planes crashing into the world trade centre. See what I mean? Kubrick was keenly aware of the bland opacity of reality, and deployed his powerful world-building to envision an alternate history that goes 'beyond infinity' and back again. This is a perfect movie, a death knell for science fiction, a genre made obsolete by its' ultimate instantiation.


  • Backdraft



    "you are close to the hellfire of my heart, but I don't want you to burn"
    -forgotten namesake

    Backdraft is Howard's finest venture behind the camera yet. With fantastic performances from William Baldwin and a great supporting cast, 'backdraft' is full of twists, turns, and explosions - a defining statement of a new genre: the fireman blockbuster. Howard treats his subject matter with deep and almost sombre reverie. He nods to orphaned children, victims of fires that seem almost sentient…