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  • The Book of Life

    The Book of Life



    Having watched Coco the pervious day, this is obviously an inspiration, but despite the animation quality probably being inferior to Pixar’s, I’d say the choice of style is far more interesting.

    If you have to choose between this and Coco, choose this: Pixar’s is great, but this edges it.

  • 13th



    Your prior knowledge of the fucking awful treatment of African Americans, systematic or otherwise, doesn’t at all diminish the importance of this clear, well-organised, interesting, and timely documentary.

    I first watched this back-to-back with I Am Not Your Negro, and whilst I knew a whole lot already, the joining of certain dots was revelatory. It’s a vital film for everyone, whether because you don’t know your shit, or because you want others to learn theirs.

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  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead

    Netflix tells me I managed a full nine minutes before turning it off. I don’t think I’m the target audience, to be fair.

  • Nomadland



    Wow. Okay. Where to start?

    I wanted to like this, and that’s a problem. I had a feeling, before watching it, that Nomadland would never have won big had not The Year of Great Pain happened: indie, arty films with gorgeous vistas and sunsets, scripted-reality non-pro actors, gritty this is the real America messages just don’t cut it at big awards ceremonies, let alone capture hearts and minds of most multiplex goers. But, now I wonder whether it was any…