Moxie β˜…β˜…β˜…

β€œyou made a salad? with green things in it?”

first of all, how dare they make patrick schwarzenegger the asshole misogynistic fratboy πŸ˜₯ it made me feel guilty for finding him cute 😞

this was like Easy A post me too era edition ✨

i find it annoying when the side characters are more interesting and complex than the main character like why wasn’t this about lucy hernandez when she was the one that kickstarted the whole fighting back~ movement because of something SHE was going through. but it’s used for development as a person for the main girl.... πŸ₯±
i did not care for her or her stale himbo crush πŸ™„

to be fair though, i thought this was going to be another peak white feminism coming of age film but i found it a lot more enjoyable than booksmart for exampleΒ because at least it wasn’t obnoxious/had its heart in the right place.Β 
it was kinda cringe in places though like the stars on the hands thing like please stop i’m trying to like you 🀒

that princess nokia needle drop >>>>>>

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