Lovesong ★★★★★

lovesong tells a story that goes beyond words - it's told in glances and gestures and things not said, absolutely devastating in the quietest gentlest way. 

it's impossible to look away from riley keough and jena malone; they imbue their characters with so much unspoken emotion that a wordless exchange on a Ferris wheel can pack a staggering emotional punch.

it's probably fitting that a scene without a single line of dialogue was the one that left me sobbing the hardest. sarah and mindy touch hands in the middle of a crowded club, neon lights flashing, and it's then that you realise they've left an indelible mark on each other. miles and years apart fall away and they are just as inextricable from each other's hearts as they always were, and that's how it'll always be.

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