• Monster



    Why am I crying over a literal serial killer? Well, it's just an unfortunate situation I guess, and Charlize Theron has that power over me.

  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro


    I loved Lazzaro as a character, but this movie could have been a half hour shorter and it would have been better for it. So laggy and slow.

  • ABCs of Death 2.5

    ABCs of Death 2.5


    Another anthology movie, but I will say the majority of them were pretty good. There were only a couple that I outright disliked and some of them were amazing.

  • Southbound



    A solid movie. It's an anthology film, so some were better than others, it's inevitable. The 3rd segment, 'The Accident', was by far the best, followed by the 2nd, 'Siren'. I also liked the overarching metaphor of the movie in general.

  • The Hamiltons

    The Hamiltons


    Honestly, I would love to see this remade, because I loved the concept, but the execution, pardon my language, kinda sucked. The movie wasn't even an hour and a half long and it felt like I was watching it for 4 hours. It was just not good, all around.

  • Henry Gamble's Birthday Party

    Henry Gamble's Birthday Party


    If you are the type of person who goes to a party and loves to eavesdrop on people to learn all the dirt that's going on with them, you'll love this movie, probably. If you hate that, you'll probably think it's very boring.

  • Uncle Peckerhead

    Uncle Peckerhead


    It's a fun little indie horror, but if you're gonna name something 'Uncle Peckerhead', you gotta pull out all the stops and make something REALLY gorey, REALLY ridiculous, and it just didn't get there for me. It was too mild. Too mild, too slow, just underwhelming all around.

  • Down with Love

    Down with Love


    The fact that this wasn't a musical is a crime.

  • Flesh for Frankenstein

    Flesh for Frankenstein


    *Gina Linetti voice* Does anyone get a little bit of a gay vibe?

    No seriously though this is as gay as a movie can get without having an actual plot that is gay. It was touched with so many queer hands. My only critiques would be: slow at parts, and not enough dick. So much ass and titties, almost no dick. It's just imbalanced.

  • Florence Foster Jenkins

    Florence Foster Jenkins


    I did not like this movie. It was well-made, sure. Meryl Streep was awesome. The costumes were gorgeous. But as a chronically ill person, both the way they portrayed chronic/terminal illness and the way they babied and gaslit her through it left a bad taste in my mouth. I really just hate the infantilization of sick people in movies.

  • Pet



    I almost never say this about movies, but this needed to be longer. The setup of the situation just took too long and made a big chunk of the movie boring. The dynamic between Seth and Holly is something I've never seen in a movie before and really, REALLY liked. I just wish we could have seen more of it.

  • Big Eden

    Big Eden


    There are negative reviews for this on Amazon that say this movie is bad because there isn't any homophobia in it and that's 'unrealistic'. So take that however you want.

    Also I would die for Pike Dexter.