Cult of Chucky

Cult of Chucky

So Chucky is back and this time their seems to be some real excitement among horror fans about his return. This can be explained by the surprising quality of "Curse", a movie that had little anticipation going for it after the muddled although fun in it's own way "Seed". "Cult" repeats the same tone as "Curse" did, which is it's comedic but it's not in farce territory like "Bride" and "Seed". This is a good approach from creator Don Mancini as it would be a mistake to try to make a truly scary movie about Chucky in this day and age, but at the same time the character is not appropriate for "Leprechaun" level silliness and thus their needs to be some suspense along with the fun.

"Cult" like "Curse" is again a low budget affair. Whereas "Cult" hid it's low budget by keeping the proceedings to a single house, "Cult" suffers a bit opening up the world to a mental hospital, and even the CGI on the Chucker doesn't seem as crisp as the last film. On the bright side Fiona Dourif continues to impress, a casting choice that on the surface looked like tacky nepotism has resulted in one of the series best characters. Speaking of characters we get some old faces here most notably Alex Vincent aka Andy from the original and the bride herself Jennifer Tilly. Always like to see Tilly, but can't say Andy's return did anything for me mostly because we haven't seen him since he was a child so who the fuck would know what he looked like. Could of put any guy there and told me he was Andy and I would have the same non reaction.

Even in the very slightly cut down Netflix cut they didn't skimp on the gore. There's some very icky (in a good way) practical looking effects here, but none of the kills struck me as anything memorable. Overall this is kind of a middling Chucky entry. It's got a better handle on it's tone than "Bride" or "Seed" but despite those movies flaws, your not going to forget watching them, while "Cult" doesn't really bring anything new or notable to the table. Still a good watch but as a big fan of "Curse" (I watched it 3 timesFFS!), I expected a little bit more from this.

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