• Belle



    Dunno if we needed a two hour anime adaptation of Beauty & The Beast set in a virtual online world, but here we are.

    Good songs, though. Catchy as hell.

  • The Boxer from Shantung

    The Boxer from Shantung


    Brutally efficient kung fu fun.

  • Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin Temple


    Waaaaay more fun than its sequel. The training sequences are top-notch.

  • Five Shaolin Masters

    Five Shaolin Masters


    Too many characters and way too long, but some decent fight segments.

  • Challenge of the Masters

    Challenge of the Masters


    Man, Gordon Liu is something else.

  • The Mighty Peking Man

    The Mighty Peking Man


    Definitely a King Kong rip-off, but with quicksand, tiiger attacks, and a lady Tarzan. I approve all of this silliness.

  • Scream



    Smart, violent, and a fitting coda to the long-running series.

  • Eternals



    It's...everything I dislike about fantasy films, where there's an overly complicated backstory revealed in 50% expository dialogue, with way too many characters shoehorned into one film, and a storyline which seems a bit much. That said, when it works (Kumail, Bryan Tyree Henry), it's a fucking delight, but it feels like – yeah, it would've been better as a mini-series or with about half the characters. Weird how something can be overlong AND rushed, simultaneously.

  • Five Fingers of Death

    Five Fingers of Death


    Not my favorite Shaw Brothers film, but a solid watch.

  • Encanto



    Definitely more enjoyable than MOANA, but just on-par with COCO.

    A Disney film with multiple characters who take the lead spot at times, instead of laser-focusing in on one single person, really makes this one pop.

  • The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back


    Took a week to watch the whole thing, and while the concert which concludes the third part is arguably my favorite part of the whole thing (played loudly through stereo speakers, it sounds glorious), it's a really pleasant watch which definitely challenges the whole "The Beatles were miserable making LET IT BE" narrative.

    While glad I watched it, and I certainly appreciate it from a historical perspective, if I had to sit and watch it all the way through without the ability to pause for bathroom, cigarette, and snack breaks, it would've ended me. As background noise, it's pretty fascinating.

  • Hogfather



    Who'd've thunk that a Discworld adaptation dealing with a whoooooole lotta backstory would've worked so well as a mini-series? Not me, that's for sure, but this was really charming and fun and I think we have a new addition to the holiday watching lineup.