Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★½

While there's some striking imagery -- Michael Myers in front of the blazing home of Laurie Strode, most notably -- this is as cookie-cutter a slasher as I've seen since the '80s. The deaths are unrelentingly brutal, and feel as though the audience is being tested, but there's no real substance there. The returning characters from the original film take this from a case of a family in crisis to a ballooned-up concept about how the Shape is obsessed with the town itself, rather than the Strodes.

Given the rather uncomfortable scenes of mob violence, one almost wonders if Michael Myers is right to want to take this town and drown it in blood. A scene at the end, with big pickups pulling up to block off a confused man, described as being a six year-old mind in a big body, comes too close to real events of the recent past, and the fun of a slasher is all gone, replaced by a sense of unease and ultimately wondering why I decided to watch this during the middle of the day.