Mik Re

The Ashtar Command: Aldebaran; Orion Group

Favorite films

  • The Last Command
  • J'accuse
  • Mother
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

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  • Terminal Justice


  • Idle Hands


  • Virus


  • Tangerine


Recent reviews

  • Night Flight

    Night Flight


    A poem to stupidity and exploitation, where greedy, soulless management is hiding behind the big words of "human spirit" and ultimately prevails over human life and any sort of moral decency. Everybody is literally kept in the dark here, threatened with fines, in the storm, exhausted with fear, surrounded by fog. The light is scarce even in the control room - the face of power is uncertain - only strong, commanding voice can be heard, the chairman's board is represented…

  • Carnaval, [I]

    Carnaval, [I]


    Goddamn, how big is that turkey?!

Popular reviews

  • Arrival from the Darkness

    Arrival from the Darkness


    I've heard this is some czechoslovakian copy of Caligari, but turned out... its definitely not. For a moment i thought it might be czechoslovakian Golem, but... this isnt it either. The language of this movie isnt as agressive as most german expressionism movies, its almost romantic and mellow. I would say the whole picture is set in the manner of classic "fantastic stories" of E.T.A. Hoffmann or Goethe. Although the movie have some supernatural horror elements (the lunatic frozen in…

  • The Ancestress

    The Ancestress


    Early ghost story by an Austrian filmmaker Jacob Fleck, who made the first "Ancestress" back in 1910, so this 1919 version is the remake.

    The movie itself is very simple, the plot is trivial, but captivating, craft of the director and cinematographer is pretty good, but nothing extraordinary. This flick wont blow your mind, but if you are a horror fan like me i dont see why you shouldn't watch this.

    I think some scenes were inspired by Sjorstrom's "Outlaw…