A very basic fact about films a lot of people miss is that if any two films have overlapping casts of two or more members then one of those films is canonically an AU fanfic of the other.

Sicario is a movie not afraid to ask bold questions, or to give bold answers. The question at hand is, what if Thanos and "the collector" from Avengers 3 were sketchy secret agents of some sort? And what if - instead of butting up against the avengers - they were taking on the cartel in the 2010s? Interesting seeing Denis - yet to graduate to Marvel movies proper - laying out a bold pitch, and showing how the iconic and legendary character dynamics established in Marvel Studios products would translate to marginally more grounded settings.

I'm working on a similar AU myself - the idea is this coffee chain CEO, steve thanos, thinks the coffee shop market has reached its saturation point - he recognises that the market cannot continue to grow without putting too much stress on the environment and on farmers. He loops in a coffee tasting specialist (known on his youtube channel as 'the collector') as a consultant, as he executes a plan to force 50% of all rival coffee shops to close - developing a secret special blend of 5 exotic beans to break the market wide open. As with 'Avengers 3' (and yes, by extension, Sicario), we recognise *why* he's doing what he's doing - but his methods are brutal.

From there, it's up a plucky crew of independent coffee shop owners to put aside their differences and to, using start up money (Stark Enterprises), try and recreate the formula - the only way to fight back. DM for more info it's a WIP.