Alita: Battle Angel ★★★★★

Viewing #4 of my favourite film of the year so far down, this time in IMAX. It makes a difference on the motorball stuff, those sequences are even better here, with that aspect ratio shift.

I'll keep it short this time but one thing I really like about Alita's script - which seems to be the main target of criticism - is that it has the confidence not to undercut itself with, like, endless quips. It feels expansive and sincere to me, and I like that. It's a sincerely felt film about a kick-ass robot learning to love an unconvincing badboy in a bandana. How can I not be really into that?

I think a lot of comic book movies are too afraid that people are gonna laugh at them if they don't laugh at themselves first. Like they're worried if they don't spin it into a gag it'll end up in a cinemasins video or something. Some of the directors and screenwriters have been better at negotiating that tension than others. But Alita disregarding that aspect completely is what makes it feel like a welcome throwback more than anything else, I think.

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