Hitchwatch: Britzone

  • The 39 Steps

    1.The 39 Steps

    On its feet from start to finish, fun throughout. The final shot is lowkey one of Hitchcock's best.

  • The Lady Vanishes

    2.The Lady Vanishes

    A good time as always.

  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    3.The Man Who Knew Too Much

    This is all totally fine and then the siege at the end is excellent.

  • Murder!


    Goofy, but delightfully so

  • Jamaica Inn

    5.Jamaica Inn

    Admittedly a big chunk of this is bullshitting around, but it looks great, Laughton's having a blast, and the vibe on all the exterior scenes is amazing.

  • Sabotage


    Two really rad tightly wound scenes in this.

  • Blackmail


    Hitchcock is putting so much thought put into the application of sound. This is par for the course for him otherwise, but it's so much fun seeing how much he's doing with sound his first time out.

  • Secret Agent

    8.Secret Agent

    Weird! Interesting as a case study where everything in the formula is slightly off. Peter Lorre is wild as hell in this.

  • Number Seventeen

    9.Number Seventeen

    A respectable mess. Everyone goofs around in an old house for 45 minutes and then there's an insane 20 minute model train and ferryboat chase

  • The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

    10.The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

    Lotta good mechanics for what would become template Hitchcock. I like the doom vibes of the lighted signs.

  • The Manxman

    11.The Manxman

    Most beautifully shot of the silents, although otherwise limp.

  • The Ring

    12.The Ring

    "Ya wanna roadmap?" Straightforward boxing picture but the big fight itself has some great technique.

  • Downhill


    Pretty whatever story but some killer moments, really loved the guy realizing he's on the losing end of love triangle after seeing his friends make out in the dark through a beaded curtain.

  • Young and Innocent

    14.Young and Innocent

    Light and breezy and then there's a very well-constructed but discomforting ending involving blackface

  • Rich and Strange

    15.Rich and Strange

    A weird one, I really like the finale until it gets waylaid by a terrible racist gag.

  • Champagne


    Kinda fun, neat party scene stylisms.

  • The Skin Game

    17.The Skin Game

    There's an auction scene with a great approach to it, otherwise dull

  • Waltzes from Vienna

    18.Waltzes from Vienna

    Lead actress is enthralling, the rest not

  • The Farmer's Wife

    19.The Farmer's Wife

    Hitchcock is most engaged shooting two dogs at the beginning.

  • The Pleasure Garden

    20.The Pleasure Garden

    Good sense of humor about this, good shot of an audience full of dirty men. Otherwise trite.

  • Easy Virtue

    21.Easy Virtue


  • Juno and the Paycock

    22.Juno and the Paycock

    Boring. Corny play, mismatched tones, and Hitchcock is just completely checked out, all wides and mediums.