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  • Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets
  • Landscape in the Mist
  • Fanny and Alexander
  • Au Revoir les Enfants

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  • The Phantom Carriage


  • Fat Girl

  • Coffee and Cigarettes


  • Stranger Than Paradise


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  • Crash


    0.5 or 5?
    What can I say?

  • Incendies




    The math problem Jeanne introduces in class is the Collatz Conjecture. The Collatz conjecture is an algorithm that produces 1 out of any positive integer. If the integer is an even number you simply divide it by 2, if its odd you multiply it by 3 and add 1, the result will eventually lead back to 1. The conjecture is later allegorically reflected in the film's climax when Simon asks Jeanne whether 1 and 1 can make 1, referencing…

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