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  • The Tree of Life
  • Citizen Kane
  • Duck Soup
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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    [streaming, Amazon Prime]

    Empathetic filmmaking at its peak. The sound design, putting the viewer in the aural headspace of the main character who is experiencing hearing loss, is immersive and disorienting, and fully places us in his physical world. Riz Ahmed communicates the frustrations and turmoil of this character very well, layering them delicately and in a sensible way over his back story as a recovering addict. Paul Raci is the mentor at a home for recovering addicts with…

  • Heart of a Dog

    Heart of a Dog



    “What are the very last things you say in your life? What are the last things you say before you turn into dirt?”

    I fell asleep twenty minutes into watching this, which says more about how tired I was after a full day's work (and how determined I was to watch a film before going to bed), than it does about the lulling qualities of this meditative film essay. Or does it? Laurie Anderson has always been a…

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread



    I was drawn in completely from the very first sequence – a lengthy stretch in which we are introduced to the daily routine and work of Daniel Day-Lewis’ character Reynolds Woodcock, much like the opening sequence of THERE WILL BE BLOOD in which director Paul Thomas Anderson introduces us to Daniel Plainview – and to such a rapt hypnotic state, apparently, that for the first 71 minutes of the film my Fitbit registered me as asleep. Not until…

  • Pretend It's a City

    Pretend It's a City


    [streaming, Netflix]

    I listen to Fran Lebowitz hold forth with her opinions and think that she is reading my mind.