Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★

A fantastic exploration of the way the culture seeks to profit off trauma, and the way we fictionalize real people. With the film's title-card defined act breaks, haunting score, with strings reminiscent of Bernard Herman's work on Vertigo, and many compositions and visual choices evoking Film Noir, it's clear Corbet is placing Celeste's life in the context of theatrics, melodrama; she is the entertainment. That's what fame can do to someone, especially a young person recovering from trauma, especially a young person who is mature and confident. It is taking that real person and reducing them to cliché, to narrative, so you don't have to think. It's not a flawless movie, I think the ending overstays its welcome, but Vox Lux is incredibly confident, bold, and well acted; an impressive directorial effort from Brady Corbet.