Black Widow

Black Widow ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Very average, but I still had a good time! Florence Pugh was fantastic, certainly a highlight of the movie. David Harbour was largely unfunny, and with an accent both inconsistent, and also illogical (why is he speaking in broken English when he spent three years perfectly undercover in Ohio?). He routinely brought the pace to a screeching halt, and distracted from the film's strongest aspect, being the relationship between Natasha and Yelena.

The biggest issue is that the more of these Marvel movies we get, the more apparent their similar structures become. It's as though Marvel has a scale problem, everything has to be supermassive, until the finale of Black Widow is inflated into a tensionless, overlong series of explosions. There is no sense of mortality for the characters, there is no real sense of danger, and above all else, it feels like a huge missed opportunity. What sets Black Widow apart from most of the rest of Marvel's heroes is that she's far more grounded, lacking in fantastical powers. There could have been a tense spy thriller made of this, a change of place in the Marvel cannon. To reiterate, I had a good time, but there's nothing I can say that was memorable at all, save for Florence Pugh.

It's hard to envision a time when this superhero formula isn't dominant, but now, largely bored with these movies, I look forward to the innovation that is sure to follow.

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