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  • Cropsey



    Genuinely disturbing and creepy documentary which starts out about two Staten Islanders looking into the local urban legend of Cropsey - an escaped child killer from the local mental institution. It turns out that the legend is kinda true, only much, much worse than the filmmakers ever believed.

  • The King's Speech

    The King's Speech


    Based on real events drama about a British monarch with a speech problem as well as deep emotional problems. I'm no fan of the British monarchy so I'm glad it focused more on the human issues between the characters.

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  • Red Tails
  • War Horse

    War Horse

    Manipulative, boring, emotionally simplistic drama directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is way too long, as usual with directors like Spielberg, he thinks he is making an epic for the sake of making an epic so it's very long winded. I'm something of an animal lover, but i gotta be honest, i didn't give a fuck about this fella or his horse.